Celebrate summer with citizen science!

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Search for the Rusty Patched bee, track flood impacts, or use your surfboard as a water quality sensor.

Planning a trip to the beach, a park, or a campsite? Here are six ways to contribute to real science while enjoying the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.


The SciStarter Team


Collect water samples at beaches, bays and ponds to monitor water quality and ensure that beaches are safe for recreation. Whether you’re in Maui or Puerto Rico, there is likely a project at your favorite beach.

Location: Global

Smartfin is a surfboard fin with sensors that measure certain ocean parameters! If you use a Smartfin while surfing, you raise awareness of ocean health while collecting data about climate change impacts ocean health.

Location: Global

Seeking adventurers! Contribute to science by collecting data for conservation partners in remote locations.

Location: Global

Headed for a hike on the Appalachian Trail? Keep an eye open for the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee, considered a keystone species which fills important ecosystem roles.

Location: Southern Appalachia, United States

Help the coastal communities of North Carolina record and track changes in water levels by photographing high water and flood events! This data will inform community planning and spread awareness of local flooding impacts.

Location: North Carolina, United States

Monitor local beaches and collect information during grunion runs for this vulnerable species of fish. Submit a report of sightings or non-sightings, all data are important for this project.

Location: California, United States

GirlScouts“Think Like A Citizen Scientist�

Darlene Cavalier will be in Dallas to participate in the Discovery Channel’s Virtual Field Trip featuring the Girl Scouts Think Like a Citizen Scientist Journey through SciStarter!

Did you know your SciStarter dashboard helps you track your contributions to projects? Complete your profile to access this and other free tools. It’s also how we match you with the best projects near you.

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