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Here are our picks of the week for educators and learners (and, really, aren’t we all life-long learners?). Each project includes lesson plans aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards.

Ooooooh! The school bell is about to ring. Here’s to a great year of learning and contributing to science.


The SciStarter Team

Students Discover

Students Discover offers projects about that are sure to ignite students’ interest in science. With lesson plans and hands-on activities, these projects are a great fit for any classroom.

Location: Global

Cat Trackersecret_life

Learn about the secret life of your outdoor cat by using inexpensive GPS technology to track your cat’s every move! You can also compare your cat’s behavior to other cats in the Cat Personality Survey, an affiliated project.

Location: Global

Stream SelfiePhoto_Nov_04_1_05_59_PM_1

Take a walk, find a stream and snap a selfie with it! Stream Selfie asks that you snap a picture of your local stream to help researchers map streams across the country, and then start testing the waters!

Location: United States

Project Squirrelsquirell

Do all squirrels look the same to you? Did you know there were up to three different species climbing around your playground? Count how may squirrels you see during recess to keep track of squirrel populations to better understand tree squirrel ecology.

Location: Global

The Lost Ladybug Projectlost-ladybug-project-scista

Chances are if you have plants, you’ll have a ladybug or two! But, many native ladybug species in North America are in decline. Help study and protect these tiny critters by reporting any sightings, along with a photo, to this project.

Location: North America

Backyard Bark BeetlesBBB.jpg-large

With just a few inexpensive supplies, US students can construct a trap to monitor and catch bark beetles, some of which can have a devastating effect on forests and agricultural farms. The main trapping season is in spring but students are welcome to set traps throughout the year.

Location: United States

NOVA Labspromo-small-sun

NOVA offers a variety of projects, covering topics ranging from RNA to renewable energy to evolution. Videos, interactive websites, and online resources are all available for teachers.

Location: Global

Free webinars for Educatorsdesk-outside-320x180


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